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We endeavor to provide our clients with the very best professional services possible. This Web site was designed to enhance those services by providing online answers to many of your everyday financial dealings and frequently asked questions.

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Information About This Firm

Learn more about this firm; its history, philosophy and personnel. Visit this page to learn about the diverse and beneficial services available from our firm.

Client Center

Let us simplify your life! Our tax organizer is here to help you prepare for tax season, and you may want to refer to the tax calendar for those important deadlines.  You will also find a list of IRS Forms or Tax Publications that you may view, print or save to your hard drive.  

Making Smart Decisions

Timely articles about business, taxes, finances, trends and the like. Dedicated to keeping our clients abreast of the latest developments and tax saving strategies.


This section provides you with our current newsletter articles, as well as an archive collection that you may find useful.

Research & Financial Tools

If you're retiring, planning for a child’s education, buying or selling a home, buying or leasing a car, looking for the best credit card rates or mortgage rates…this section has the answers. Take a few moments to browse through all the various Internet links and calculators. They are categorized so your visits to the site will be both efficient and pleasurable.